El Grande de Coca-Cola
A simple show that is a laughable a minute and ridiculously wonderful! The action takes place in a terrible part of Trujillo, in a nightclub, which isn't too far from terrible itself. A local impresario, Senor Don Pepe Hernandez, has announced in the local newspapers that he is going to bring international cabaret to Trujillo. Eventually he succeeds, and we see the cabaret within the cabaret as it unfolds. A company known as the "Low Moan Spectacular' causes all the laughs, as conjuring tricks don't work, people trip up, a blind American folk singer falls off the stage, chorus girls collide, etc.
"Deliriously funny ... refreshingly lunatic ... high spirited fun in the supreme American tradition that extends from burlesque to Charlie Chaplin, Ernie Kovacs, and Second City." - Women's Wear Daily
"A gaudily glistening jewel, insanely original" - Newsweek

Cast size:

6 roles