Surviving Mommie Dearest

Actress and best-selling author Christina Crawford (Mommie Dearest, Survivor) stars in A Conversation with Christina Crawford, an exciting and rare glimpse into the real life story behind the movie MOMMIE DEAREST. Christina covers 100 years of showbiz history and detailing the turbulent relationship between her and her movie legend mother, Joan Crawford, in off-Broadway's Surviving Mommie Dearest. Featuring film clips, footage from 1940s home movies and blow-by-blow personal anecdotes, Crawford, whose memoir was the basis for the 1981 film of the same name, recounts the abuse that she endured in her life, discusses her road to recovery and takes questions from the audience in the 90-minute presentation.

SURVIVING MOMMIE DEAREST is a Bio-Pic Documentary based on a one-woman multimedia play written by and starring best-selling author, Christina Crawford. It cover 100 years of entertainment and show business history, but also issues of social justice. The documentary is based on three of her best-selling books, Mommie Dearest, Survivor, and No Safe Place.

The documentary features long forgotten home movies and  historical photos of both Joan and Christina Crawford. Throughout her long career, Ms. Crawford has turned the issue of family violence into public awareness. She also offers hope and the healing process through her personal experiences. The documentary was written by Christina Crawford, and directed by Ms. Crawford, and Jacksonville native, Jerry Rosenberg. Portions were filmed at the The Metro Entertainment Complex, in Jacksonville, FL.

Written by:

Christina Crawford

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1 role